My Pregnancy FAVORITES



1. The infamous body pillow. My husband has a love hate relationship with this. When I’m not in the bed, he likes it. When I am, he hates it. More importantly, I LOVE it. Some women are find stuffing a bunch of pillows between their legs, back and arms. I’ve tried that and every time, they end up on the floor. I don’t think there’s too early of a time to buy one, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping. I bought mine at Motherhood, but you can also order it off Amazon. My mom was with me the first night I slept with it and didn’t wake up until 10am, she bought one for her house. Not for her, but for when I travel, which happened all summer long. ps. I also hear some women use these pillows for breast feeding… I will let you know how [or if] that goes.

2. From day one, my husband was strict about me putting on lotion or my Bio Oil. Then he kindly pointed out [at 35 weeks] that I really don’t have stretch marks except the faint ones on my thighs. Thanks love. Anyways, it’s good to oil or lotion up because your skin [boobs, stomach, butt, thighs] is stretching so much, it will help with reduce stretch marks and [hopefully] help the bounce back. Oh and in my birth class, they recommend massaging down there, starting at week 34 to avoid tearing… that’s all I’m going to say about that.

3. Since I got sick throughout, I always went for the real Ginger Ale, which you can find at Whole Foods or maybe a local market. I didn’t want to put the fake stuff in my body. Not going to lie, I did have a few drinks of diet pepsi when I needed bubbles and there wasn’t another option. I was desperate, don’t hate.

4. I don’t like the prenatal vitamins. They’re HUGE! In the beginning, they didn’t always stay down so I went with these chewable Prenatal Vitamins and I actually liked taking them. The whole pregnancy, I probably went through 3 bottles.

5. In the beginning, I loved my Belly band, which you can find at Target. This allowed me to wear my pants and then…. my thighs grew ALONG with my belly so it wasn’t long before I was in maternity pants. Speaking of maternity pants, they are brilliant. The second you’re uncomfortable, go buy yourself some pants with the stretchy stomach and start enjoying life again.

6. So, I wish someone told me about The Belly Book when I first found out I was pregnant. I tried documenting, but it just didn’t happen and now everything is scattered everywhere.

7. I don’t know what it is, but something about Jolly Ranchers or tootsi pops [both gluten-free], helped calm my upset stomachs. I always have a handbag full of candies I can suck on and they constantly save me, still.

8. Being pregnant you have to drink a ridiculous amount of water. Okay, only ridiculous, because I’m not a good water drinker anyways. However, I rarely leave with house without an ice packed, water filled Starbucks cup [with a straw]. I’m pretty sure I drank more water just because of this cup. Whatever it is for you, just do it.

9. Am I a little much with the candies? Sorry, but these Ginger Chews ALSO saved me! I ate these a lot in the beginning and then the jolly rancher candies later on.

10. I wear tank tops, sometimes layered, practically every single day. Some are maternity and a lot of my pre pregnancy tanks, but Motherhood has great options.


Other secrets & tips:

  • Ladies, lets talk waxing. Hmm…. no one warned me and nearly jumped straight off that bed. That poor girl, I’m sure she thought she ripped off something else. Anyways, let this be your warning, it HURTS like a mother. You can try shaving, but it’s going to itch. Once my belly got super big, you can’t see anything down there, so I bit the bullet and got my last waxing [@33 weeks] until post baby. I didn’t cry, but I was so happy I survived,
  • Sports bras. If you’re busty like me, make sure you have some good ones. I live in them with my tank tops.
  • If you can, sleep as much as possible. I had a hard time in the beginning so I took a lot of naps and that helped.
  • EAT. If you don’t, you’ll feel even more sick and possibly throw up. It can get ugly. When in doubt, grilled cheese, toast with peanut butter or just butter, soup, ice cream or milkshake, salty chips, or mac & cheese. This is the only time I’ve disliked food and only force it down because I have to.
  • The first few months, you’re probably just going to feel fat. If you’re like me, it’s more like the first 5 months. I gained most, if not all of it in the beginning and now just growing into it. Every time I see my mom, she says I keep looking better and seem to have slimmed out.
  • I’ll talk about exercise later, but if you’re having trouble doing anything, try swimming. It makes me so happy and feels incredible to be in water.
  • Advice: ask your nurse and doctor to not share your weight and LOOK AWAY when you step on the scale. I didn’t grow up with a scale and didn’t want that number to get in my head. Just listen to your body and remember, you’re growing a human being. Don’t let the number on the scale get in the way of what’s really important. Just my advice.


Places where you can find inexpensive maternity clothes:

  • Old Navy
  • Gap
  • Target
  • Motherhood Maternity
  • A Pea in the Pod – more expensive, but good quality


What are your pregnancy favorites? Or any secrets you want share??

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  1. kristen says:

    i have one pregnancy favorite so far:
    these are game changers, yall.

  2. Not pregnant, but I do suffer from nausea often and LIVE on those ginger chews too! They are the best!

  3. Salome says:

    I agree about the waxing! I’m 21 weeks and have found that if there is the option of using hard wax, take it! It covers a greater surface area, doesn’t use a strip of cloth and most importantly the wax doesn’t attach to the skin so it is far far less painful. I had my lady try the honey (regular) wax on one side and the hard wax on the other…my goodness what a difference! The hard wax was practically breeze after the honey wax.

  4. Marci Larsen says:

    I am 36 weeks pregnant today. I’m new to your blog and enjoy the candidness and humor of your writing. I haven’t had a real body pillow for this pregnancy, just a cheap whimpy long thing that I’ve ended up folding in half and using in combination with a pile of other pillows to try and get comfortable. I look like a beached whale every time I turn over. I too have loved the Bella band for that weird transition time between regular clothes and maternity ones. I’ve used Bella B Tummy Honey butter for stretch marks and love it. So far, no stretch marks – but I’m not so cocky to think that they won’t happen in the last week! By far, swimming has been the main thing I could not do without during pregnancy. I would be so uncomfortable if I couldn’t stretch and swim weekly. It feels like a treat every time I go! Best wishes in the upcoming weeks on your little one and the delivery. What an amazing time

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