Mason // FIVE Months

baby @ FIVE months… 

  • rolling over – mostly from back to stomach.
  • eating solids 1-2x a day.
  • still being swaddled at night. we tried going without and no one slept…
  • he had his first plane ride! we went to southern california for a conference and he did great!
  • he’s still breast fed during the day with 1 bottle of formula at night. I don’t produce enough at the end of the day to really fill his tummy.
  • want a good laugh, check this out. sooooo many smiles and giggles. happiest baby I know.
  • such a curious boy – always taking in his surroundings and really looks into people’s eyes.
  • tear ducks, mostly on his right side are still getting clogged, which then irritates his eye. we’ve gone through lots of eye drops…
  • does great when I drop him off to be watched or when my parents take him so we can have a date night. thank goodness for grandparents!
  • loves his new jumperoo! he goes crazy in it.
  • other toys, crinkle paper, sophie, his monkey (pictured above), and stacking blocks.



Previous Growth Updates:

Life got a little crazy and never photographed at 4 months… so we’re just going to skip it.



This kid is so curious about the camera.


note: this was taken a month ago, mace already turns 6 months in a few days!



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  1. His smile is so sweet. We have that same onesie too! Liam and Mason are already friends. ;D

  2. Natalie says:

    I mean, come. on. He is sooo absolutely delicious! I hope your enjoying every moment!

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