Packing for the Hospital

Download packing list – HERE.

In mama’s bag:

  • Light bathrobe or an oversized wrap sweater that you can throw on to walk around (or be pleasant for company)
  • PJ’s – shorts and a nursing tank for me. My advice would be to have a top that is easy to get your boob out to feed
  • Cheap [or old] underwear that you don’t care to ruin- bought a pack of Hanes boy shorts at Target that I still wear today
  • Nursing tank, black – I wore this with my pajama shorts at night
  • Nursing bra(s)
  • Socks
  • Going home outfit – I wore yoga pants, tank top & sweater
  • Flip flops &/or Slippers
  • Chapstick
  • Extra hair ties
  • Face cleansing cloths & moisturizer
  • Tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion – you’re going to want to shower afterwards!
  • Make-up – I just brought a tinted moisturizer, blush, eye liner and mascara
  • Nipple Cream – the hospital had some, but just in case, may want to throw it in your bag
  • Breast pads – I didn’t start leaking for a few days, but better safe than sorry.


Misc, but still important:

  • Pillows & Blankets – making it as comfortable as possible. Hospital pillows are not comfortable. It was a good thing we brought extras since I was in labor 18 hours, my mom & husband needed some for the pullout.
  • Plastic bag for clothes, towels or blankets that may be soiled and need immediate cleaning
  • Camera – I set it to automatic for my mom who took all the pictures.
  • Phone +  charger (don’t forget when you leave!)
  • iPad or laptop if you have one – we personally didn’t use either, just our phones.
  • Birth Plan/Preference – 2 copies
  • If you haven’t confirmed with the hospital that they’ve received your registration, bring insurance card, drivers license and your checkbook.
  • Small notebook for notes. Plus a folder or plastic sleeve to hold all those paper they send you home with.
  • iPad or CD’s with calming music that you can play during your birth time. This may help relax you.



  • Treats for the nurses – I picked up cookies from Whole Foods
  • Electrolytes - Nuun tablets, coconut water, etc.
  • Bars – cut into 8th’s and snacked on them – Lara Bars are my favorite
  • Snacks – trail mix, dried apples, Ben’s protein bars, little packets of cheese, etc. – ate throughout our stay
  • Mints & hard candy – Lifesaver mints & jolly ranchers – I was so happy I had these!

For Baby: 

  • Going home outfit with hat and socks
  • A few blankets from home
  • 2-3 Burp rags – they don’t spit up much the first few days, except for some amniotic fluid
  • Already in the car – car seat and base.

We found you don’t need much for your infant.  The hospital has basically everything you’ll need.


Items the hospital will provide:

  • Birth balls [aka workout balls]
  • DVD player that play music or movies
  • Diapers & wipes
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Big thick pads + smaller pads
  • Witch hazel pads
  • best “underwear”, ever. I say that because it’s the only thing that can hold 2 pads, an ice pack and witch hazel pads. AND it doesn’t matter if they get ruined, you just throw ‘em away.


I’d highly recommend you schedule a walk through at your hospital so you have an idea on what to expect or what else you may need. Also, ask where you’d enter if it’s after hours.


Download packing list - HERE.




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